Saturday, 16 April 2011

My online shops and my website!

Good morning
I hope that  the weather is good wherever you are, we have had a few damp and grey days, but this morning I woke up to brilliant sunshine and warmness........ which prompted me to grab a cup of coffee and sit out in my little back yard, and listen to the sea (heaven).

Well, now that I have got my online shops up and running, these are the addresses.
I feel quite proud of myself, and my wonderful sister of course, so please feel free to pop over and have a look.  I still find it time consuming to put on the descriptions and the pictures, but everyone I have spoken to says that  this gets easier, at the moment I am all fingers and thumbs.  This is alittle like when I was trying to learn to crochet, I got so frustrated as my daughter picked it up so easily, and I just felt the overwhelming urge to throw it across the room.  Now of course crochet something I love to do and find relatively easy, so the technology may become the same!

My next task was to construct a website, as I thought that may be another way to get my name and what I do out and about.  My sister gave me the link for 'websites for artists', and it was so simple ideal for someone like me that  can spend hours doing craft stuff or crichet, but runs a mile from technology! It was so brilliant, and the good thing is that  you can have a play then submit it to them for some 'constructive' critism.  So i am now the proud owner of a domain, and you can find it here http://www.cornwallcalling.co.uk/ though Google dont pick it up yet, so to find it you will have to type the address in the address bar.

So all in all I have been very productive, and now I will go and sit in the sun with a cup of coffee as my reward.
Thank you for stopping by

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