Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Glastonbury 2011

Hello there, well I am back,
Sorry it has been a while but have been without my beloved laptop, and although I can access the internet through my phone it is not the best idea to try and write a post on it!!

I have been working at Glastonbury festival for a number of years now as a nurse, and this year I had a request from my niece, to come as my guest..................... there was a hidden agenda though as she is the biggest Beyonce fan and had heard that she would be playing at Glastonbury this year.  So could she possibly come with me....... my heart was in my mouth, as that would mean that I was totally responsible for a 17 year old at her first festival!  Though I no cause to worry as I think she was a lot more sensible than I am, and with an altogether better sense of direction........... everyone who knows me, knows that I have absolutely no sense of direction.  Though my sister Colette 'poppycottage18', humours me and says that  my way of driving is a lot more scenic than going straight to a destination!!!

Everyone just sitting and chilling out in the sun, they kept bringing loads and loads of wood shavings onto the site to soak up the mud.  At one point I made Josie sit down for half an hour with me on a huge pile of these wood shaving, heaven.... warm and dry.  Though we didn't sit for too long as Josie has this inability to just sit and chill.

I love this photo, to me it totally sums up the whole Glastonbury experience, bare feet, wellies, socks and mud...... though in this case the dry variety.

Where else could you see a pink sheep in wellies!!

I took these photos as these mirrors were so pretty and unique, and the heart one with the wood border was my favourite, thank goodness it was sold, otherwise I could see myself making an unnecessary purchase and then trying to negotiate the mud carrying a mirror back to the tent!!

This one was the favourite of my niece Josie, though I can see a very unflattering image in it of my legs complete with flowery wellies (well, I would not lose those wellies in a hurry).

 This was an image of the walk from out camp site up to the main path, the mud was really hard to negotiate when it started to dry and it became like glue, very good for toning up your thigh muscles, but it was much easier to walk in the mud when it was like slurry, not pleasant but much much easier.

This is a photo of my niece Josie, complete with her camera, i think i worried so much about her losing it whilst being pushed around in the crowds.
The funniest thing is that Josie doesn't do mud and bad smells....... welcome to Glastonbury !!  She would wait until she was desperate for the loo, before attempting to use the famous Glastonbury drops (toilets), and she had loo roll, antibacterial spray, and would wait until she could follow after a woman...... less mess and smell!!

As I said Josie went everywhere with her camera, she must have taken hundreds of photos while she was there.  She was totally in awe of the amount of people, especially this image of all the tents, it is definitely like a sea of canvas.

Each time I go to Glastonbury I always take pictures of the flags, they  are so bright and cheerful, and there are so many different ones all around the site.

I had to put this one in the the post as it shows her mum that she did the mud and coped, and even smiled.

 I couldn't resist these flowers, even with all the mud under foot, to be able to look up and see these amazing creations was fantastic, and with them framed by the beautiful blue sky you could almost forget about the mud.

 This picture is so lovely, there were two of these caravans, and they were so beautifully restored.

 I put this photo in to show what  it was like before the mud arrived!!

Josie I think had a good time, but I think the definite highlight for her was seeing her idol Beyonce, bless her she made her way to the Pyramid stage on Sunday afternoon about 2pm, and waiting patiently there in the blistering heat until Beyonce came on stage at 10pm, that is true dedication.  She stood through many different acts, including Pendulum to name but one. Her main concern was what  if she needed the loo? as there was no option to go off to the loo, so rationing her fluid intake was the only way to manage that. The smile on her face afterwards was priceless.

Josie and I said at the beginning that  it was going to be the longest time that we had spent together...... would we survive?  I am glad to say we did, and it was lovely to spend some time with her before she moves to London in September to go to College.

Oh well all for now, thanks for stopping by xxxx


  1. Thank you so much for popping into "Chalky's World" and leaving such a lovely comment! I am on holiday at the moment but will have a lovely visit browsing your blog on my return.
    Kindest Regards Linda

  2. So glad you had such a lovely time at Glastonbury Mum, just wish it hadn't rained so much!! Maybe the year after next will be a little drier (not sure if you spell it like that) for you!

    I love those mirrors, they're gorgeous! :-)

    It's lovely to be able to see the photo's you took at Glastonbury. And Josie does look very happy in the smily photo..!

    Love Ashley xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Hi there...

    I came across your blog after a couple of hours searching Google images to try and find a photo of those mirrors, hopefully leading me to the name of the stall that sells them. My search has yet been fruitless so i was wondering if you happened to remember the name? or maybe caught it in the background of a photo?

    any help would be greatly appreciated..

    Richard (fingers123@live.co.uk)