Monday, 8 August 2011

The Visit

Good Evening,
I am sorry that  it has taken me so long to publish this post, but I had put all the pictures in, but needed to have time to sit and write the post, otherwise it would have only contained lots of pictures and no explanations.

I had decided to take a trip up to see my daughter, granddaughter and son in law.  Usually I would have flown but with it being the summer holidays the price of flights had rocketed, so I looked into other ways of getting there........ and one of the cheapest options was to take the train.  I thought it would be lovely to take time out and spend the journey (all five and a half hours) either reading or crocheting, this was a nice idea, but I had not factored in the two changes..... now as you have gathered from the previous post I am not the greatest with directions.  So I spent the whole time worrying that I would either sleep through the changes or get on the wrong train!!  Luckily I had the forethought to book my seat, otherwise it would have been a case of trying to plonk myself down, and then having to spend time standing as the train was so busy.  

I arrived at the station in plenty of time, with all my bags including the hamper that I had spent time assembling for my daughter Ashley, as she had my granddaughter Rose six months ago and everyone gets bits for Rose, so I thought it would be nice to get some bits for Ashley........ a bit like the 'pillow case' that I used to do for her Christmas...... nothing in it cost a lot but they were all things that I knew that she would like.  

I finally arrived at Chichester and met Ashley and Rose at the station, it was so busy as my arrival had also coincided with the Goodwood Festival, lots of posh people, the women looked lovely, and I felt like the country bumpkin in flip flops and cargo trousers.

Here is a picture of Ashley and Rose, rose has definitely decided that she wants to be upright and loves nothing better than to have a little help to totter on her little feet.

Such a beautiful smiley girl, I dont think I have ever seen her really really grumpy, she is definitely going to break some hearts when she grows up.
This is such a lovely photo, two of the most special ladies in my life.

I hate the fact that I am so far away from them, and when I get to see them I tend to take so many pictures, as Rose changes so much and in between visits, she seems to develop in leaps and bounds.  there is nothing that  she likes better than to get stripped down to her nappy and roll around on the floor....... it will not be long until she is crawling......... Ashley is then worrying about where to put all her yarns and books and other crafting things!!!!  My son in law Ray was going round the lounge looking at all the things that will have to be moved, covered, protected for when small person is mobile!!!

Hello everyone my name is Rose and I have the most infectious giggle.

The visit was fantastic, as you can see it was definitely worth the long train journey.  Ashley loved her hamper, and watching her open all the little gifts was priceless, and I couldnt resist buying Rose a new outfit, a little summer dress with matching knickerbockers and hat.  Also i have decided to give Slimming World a go, as Ashley has done so amazingly well, and I have been gradually putting on weight, so seeing how well Ashley has done has given me the motivation, so I will keep you up to date with my progress.

I am aiming to go up to see Ashley, Rose and Ray very soon, as I miss them dearly, though next time I will definitely be flying from Newquay, much quicker 40 minutes from Newquay to Gatwick and then 50 minutes down to Chichester................. much better than 5 and a half hours.  
Thank you so much for stopping by, take care xxxx


  1. Hey Mum,

    Thank you for coming up, it was lovely to have you stay. Really nice for you to have some good quality time with Rose. :-)

    Thank you so much for my hamper, I was so so grateful!

    Love Ash

    Any chance you can take off the pics of me in my dressing gown..? lol

    Look forward to when you come up again

  2. You look lovely in the dressing gown Ash xx You really have a wonderful grandaughter xx