Thursday, 12 January 2012

Walking on the beach

Good evening,

Yesterday I decided to make the most of the unexpected sunshine, I had worked a night shift the night before grabbed some sleep and woke up to the most amazing sunny day.  You know the type of day where you have the overwhelming desire to be in the outside world.
I am so lucky to live just up road from the beach.

The sea was such an amazing blue, almost lilac in colour, luckily I had bought my camera with me and couldn't resist taking some photos.  I just wish that  I hadn't had to sleep and miss half the day, I am so grateful for days like this days when you want to just sit, do nothing but watch.

For once I didn't beach comb, just wandered along in awe of the day.

Perfect sea, perfect sky.  Do I sound daft? Sorry if I do it is just that I found the day so perfect.

Heart shaped pebble just sitting there minding its own business.

I couldn't resist taking this photo, it doesn't make any sense other than it made me smile.

What do you think of the wellies? My ordinary ones had sprung a leak, and my friend Alice was going to the local agricultural store and offered to pick me up some wellies.  This was her take on the 'what wellies do you want? And me saying it doesn't matter as long as they fit'.  Mmmmmm well at least you can see me coming.

The sun was going down as I walked back to the car, I had enjoyed my little walk so much, and it seemed so sad that  the sun had to set.

Any way all for now, I just wanted to share this little view of Cornwall.
Take care, thank you for stopping by.


  1. What a lovely walk Mum, sounds like the perfect way to spend to have a bit of chill-out time!
    Those photo's are really lovely.
    Woah! Your new wellies are rather bright aren't they! haha

    Love Ashley xxxx

  2. I can't believe you drove down to the beach!!!!! Ha Ha!!! Welly boots are pretty fab. xx