Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Amazing Cornish Coast, sea and Converse trainers!!

Well, good evening,
I could not resist putting together this post, I thought it would be a good idea to show off the Cornish coast in all its glory.  Having granite as a bedrock, means that the sea appears sapphire blue, giving you the feeling that you just want to grab a swimsuit and jump right in.
I love this picture as it shows the full length of the beach at Vallen Dreath, I have a horse and this would be a lovely beach to gallop along from end to end.

The rocks that are exposed when the tide is out are amazing, looking almost prehistoric.

These pictures show the power of the sea, and the differences in colour of the water, a real artists palette.

Do you remember rock pooling as a child, having no fear, though as an adult I have a huge fear of what will bite my fingers, have decided that I must now be a real wimp.
The stones and rocks are so vastly different, soft greys to dappled browns, the contrast is bewildering.

I have always wanted a pair of Converse trainers, and courtesy of Ebay I now have a pair of new to me ones, and couldnt resist taking a picture of them.  Though this picture doesnt really fit with the whole sea and cliff theme, so this is a rogue image.
This was my attempt at rock art, definately not my forte.

Well, as they say in cornwall you can have all seasons in a matter of hours, and the next two pictures show the differencein weather in 20 minutes........... totally amazing.

This is a favourite spot for me, a place called Vallen Dreath, not far from Lands End.

Yet another change in the weather, windswept and dramatic, definately enhanced by the granite cliffs.

Oh well, all for now I hope that  you have enjoyed my scenic post.
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