Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The move!

Good evening, and huge apologies for the huge gap in blog entries.

Since moving to Cornwall, I have moved three times, which is not that much of a big thing apart from when you consider that I have only been here less than two years.  The thing with moving is that  it involves huge changes, they do say that  one of the most stressful things in life is moving house, I seem to be a glutton for punishment.  

When I moved to Cornwall I moved into a lovely little cottage right on the harbour, and thought that I would have been there for a long time, but the lady who owned the cottage decided that she wanted to move back in for a while, while work was being done to the next door property.  I couldn't believe it, my little cottage was so perfect and couldn't believe that I had to move, and also where would I move?

As mentioned in previous posts I have a delinquent pony called Copper who was totally settled where she was, so therefore the search for another property close to where she is stabled was commenced.  The only property that was available was more expensive, but I thought well, I will take it even if it is only for six months.  The only snag was that the owner of the cottage lived directly behind the cottage, so it was a little like being in the big brother house, or a goldfish bowl.

I started looking again for somewhere else to live that was more affordable, and this resulted in relocating to a mobile home, I worried at first as to 'what  had I done', but I can honestly say that this is the best thing that I could have done, I have a definate feeling of being 'settled'.

This was the morning of the move the the little Tin Cottage, organised chaos, but once I has packed everything, at least I could relax.

My sister came to visit for a few days, which was lovely as I don't see enough of her, and we got to watch several DVD's and do lots of craft type stuff.  Colette said she felt very lazy sitting down during the day.  But as I said to her, this visit was about her having some time 'out'.

This picture was taken by her one morning, and this is half a mile down the road from my little Tin Cottage, quite a spectacular view don't you think? (I was sneaky and pinched the photo from her blog - sorry Colette).

I have named my new home the 'Little Tin Cottage', and she is situated on a farm, and I have six chickens that seem to have taken up residence under the caravan, and can even be cheeky enough to wander in.  It is disconcerting when you go into the bathroom, and find that one of the chickens has sneaked in and is watching you!

The photo below is rather messy, but as you can see it is mid craft session as Christmas is approaching.  I am doing the classic for my family, in having so much on the go that I cannot seem to actually finnish anything!

I will have to put some better pictures of my new little home on here, but haven't got any to hand at the moment.

This is the view out of one of the lounge windows, totally peaceful, very restful environment.

Now you have to use your imagination with this one, as this is my garden, with the decking all ready to be put up.  I am going to plant lots and lots of bulbs, so the garden is a mass of colour in the spring.

Sometimes you just have to treat yourself, and while I was in the supermarket I spotted these carnations in the reduced bin, they are so bright and cheerful and brighten up the most dull of days.  Considering they were in the reduced bin, they are still going strong over a week later.

Oh well all for now, thank you for stopping by to my little corner of Cornwall