Saturday, 18 June 2011

Crochet and Slate Necklaces

Well, good morning.
I have been busy with my crafts over the past couple of weeks, although I have my Etsy shop, I also have been doing some craft fayres, which has been good, as it is a way to meet up with fellow crafters.  Whilst at Mevagissey craft fayre, I took a chance and took some of my crochet scarves into a shop there to see if they  would be interested in taking some of them to sell on commission.  there is something truly scary about going into a shop and hoping that they like your stuff enough to take them........
Well they did, and so they have been displaying some of the scarves in their shop, I also had a couple of my slate necklaces with me and thought I had nothing to lose by seeing if they like them too.  The girl in the shop appeared to really like them and asked if she could have some of them to sell too, so therefore my little slate necklaces are going to be displayed in their shop too.

So now it is just a case of hoping that someone will like them enough to buy them.
I also am going to be doing some craft fayres in Falmouth on the beach, this is a new craft fayre and I cant wait to try it out, because it is actually on the beach my crafts should fit right in, and I will keep you posted with how I do........ selling and sunbathing, quite a good combination I think.
oh well all for now, thanks for stopping by
take care
Tracie x


  1. I love the way you have displayed your stuff for your photo's. Did you take any photos of the other scarves? xx

    Love you big sis xx

  2. I love the scarf photo here.. really shows it off! Looking forward to your visit!! xxxxxxxx