Thursday, 15 December 2011

Flying visit to Chichester

Good evening,
Well last week I got the train up to see Ashley Ray and Rose, sometimes I fly up, but at this time of year the cost of flights tends to be a little steep, so therefore I took the train option, as it takes so long it is a good time to catch up with some Christmas WIP's.

It seems so long since I had seen them all, and Rose is growing so quickly, she has gone from being a little baby to a proper little girl.  The problem with living so far away is that I cannot just 'pop' in for a coffee and catch up.  I couldn't resist plonking my hat on Rose, she did look cute, and not quite like 'Frank Spencer'.

Rose has decided that  she wanted to be part of the Iphone generation, though she seems to be more taken with the Cath Kidson cover than the actual phone.  Talk about starting young with the 'can I have a mobile phone Mum!'.


While I was visiting we took a walk down to the park and Rose loved being pushed on the swing, with big smiles on her face.

While I was there Ashley managed to finnish one of her Christmas presents, sort out Rose's clothes into age groups and also to plant all her bulbs for the spring.  While Ashley was in the garden I got the chance to give Rose her lunch, she found it highly amusing to throw things on the floor from her highchair, giving the biggest smile as if to say 'look what  I can do'.

I cannot wait for Christmas day to seem them again, and I have done Rose her first 'Christmas pillowcase', as this is something I have always done for Ashley (she still gets one now) and it is a tradition that I wanted to continue for Rose.  By the way the pillowcase is full of presents (like a stocking, if you get my drift).

Oh well all for now
Thanks for stopping by xx