Monday, 10 January 2011


I have decided that  whoever invented night shifts, possibly has never worked them (it is surely not natural to stay awake all night long) Though i must  admit that  it is a good time to get on with craft stuff, so i have spent the night attempting to knit baby booties..... as i have the pleasure of soon to be becoming a 'nana', my daughter is due to have a baby on the 22nd of january.  Wow, this sort of should make me feel ancient but actually i cannot wait, though  the is great speculation as to whether 'Bug' as the bump is affectionately called will be a boy or a girl.  Ashley (my daughter) came down in the summer and we did the 'needle on a thread', and it span round merrily, which apparantly means that  it will be a girl, but how much credance can be made of that i dont know...... so we all waited expectantly for the little one to arrive. 
Well all for now as i am feeling the need for sleep..... hurry up day shift staff!
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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Cornish Weather

Well, i know that  it has been a while since i added a post. and i apologise.
Cornwall has had snow................ seems so odd that we are so far down south that you wouldnt think that  it would reach us.  Even in my little piece of heaven we have been covered in a soft blanket of the white stuff.  The other morning i came out of my back door to go for a walk on the beach and managed to slide most of the way down the hill.  That is the only downside of living in a little valley
I have taken some pictures and will try to add them to this post later.... if technology allows, or my attempt at it!
But before we were hit by the snow, the weather was throwing everything at us.  I had been sitting in doors listening to the winds howling at gale force, and wondering if i should add wellies to my PJ's and go to the yard to check on my horse, and had decided that  she would be ok.  Off i went to bed, only to be rudely woken at 4am by hammering at the door, so bleary eyed i padded downstairs opening the door to be greeted by 12 firemen....... we had been flooded, the stream had broken its banks and the hills had flooded, so our little valley had become like a miny Boscastle. 
One thing i will say is that  it is true what  people say about disasters, they definately bring everyone together, i now know so many more people.  i ended up at a lovely lady called Wendy's house for coffee and cake.... which was very nice.
On that note i will leave you and add more later, i will definately not leave it so long till the next post.
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