Saturday, 4 February 2012

Making the best of a bad blind!

Well good evening,

Since moving into my new home I have been painting walls and generally making it personal to me.  Yesterday I decided that I needed to address the issue of my tiny, bland bathroom.  As I have mentioned before I live in a caravan so space is an issue and decoration can be quite boring.  Also being a caravan some of the walls are covered in shiny un-paintable material.

The bathroom has a small window with a small pale yellow blind, as the blind has been rolled up for a period of time prior to me moving in, the bottom of it was marked with mildew (not nice) and rather than get a new blind, I thought I would have a go at using various fabric to create a scene on it to cover the offending marks.

I have bought some 'modge podge', which is fantstic for sticking all manner of things, I had never used it before but my sister Colette of 'Poppy Cottage' told me that I should try it.  Wow, it is brilliant, why oh why had I never used it before.

So therefore I sat cross legged on the floor and started marking out a design, sorting and cutting fabric.
I had decided on a coastal scene of a lighthouse on some rocks with the sea in front, but you know what it is like when you have an idea in your head but are not entirely sure how to set it out.

I was so pleased with the variety of blues that I chose, these were fat quarters that I got when I took my sister to the hospital the other week.  I still have loads of fabric left, so I will have to think of another idea to use them for, or I may just keep them for a while.

The various colours were amazing, it was difficult to try and pick the most appropriate ones that would look like the items they were supposed to predict.

The picture below shows how how I was trying to set it out, I laid it all out, then panicked when I realised that  I would have lift the pieces up to stick them down. I managed to get Modge Podge everywhere, I can now vouch for the fact that it dries out the skin on your fingers.

I was pleased with how the material I had chosen for the rocks looked when set out, though there was a little artistic licence on using peacock material for rocks.

I was really pleased with the birds, the material was so beautiful I seemed to go overboard on the amount of them that I included.


The finnished blind is now dry and up at the window of the bathroom, it is so lovely, I am so pleased with it that I don't want to roll it up, do you think I could get away with leaving it down?

Well all for now, thanks for stopping by to my little corner of blogland.
Take care


  1. It really looks so amazing!! I am glad you have come over to the modge podge side!!

  2. Your blind looks really lovely Mum, well done xxx