Monday, 10 January 2011


I have decided that  whoever invented night shifts, possibly has never worked them (it is surely not natural to stay awake all night long) Though i must  admit that  it is a good time to get on with craft stuff, so i have spent the night attempting to knit baby booties..... as i have the pleasure of soon to be becoming a 'nana', my daughter is due to have a baby on the 22nd of january.  Wow, this sort of should make me feel ancient but actually i cannot wait, though  the is great speculation as to whether 'Bug' as the bump is affectionately called will be a boy or a girl.  Ashley (my daughter) came down in the summer and we did the 'needle on a thread', and it span round merrily, which apparantly means that  it will be a girl, but how much credance can be made of that i dont know...... so we all waited expectantly for the little one to arrive. 
Well all for now as i am feeling the need for sleep..... hurry up day shift staff!
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  1. Looking forward to you adding photos to your posts. Tis even easier now.

    Hope you have a good sleep Sis. I am all excited that I shall get to sleep in my own bed tonight and Wednesday this week.

    Still, got to get the work whist you can.

    C xx