Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Good Morning

Well i am sorry for the long absence, but i have been having a blog issue, and have decided that myself and technology dont mix.  But i have a wonderful sister that  is a wizz with computers, and she has managed to sort out the mess that  i made of my blog.  She has a lovely blog called Poppycottage18, and I pop onto hers all the time to see what  she has written.

Well, I have beachcombing off and on ever since i moved down here (it is helpful when you have the beach on the doorstep) and found myself making the odd thing here and there.  I have definately got my craft head back on with a vengence.  I managed to convert a little room down stairs into a craft room, and have been quietly playing with ideas, making things for myself and my friends and family. 
 But then i thought that  i would like to try  and sell some of these things, as people kept saying that  they would like one if i made it for them....... but then I was not sure how to go about this?? So i have been doing a lot of research to see how I could go about it.  I spoke to my sister, and she suggested Etsy anf Folksy.

She came down for the weekend and the time was spent crocheting, beachcombing and taking pictures of some of my hand-made things in nice settings.  Then in the evenings we spent time setting up these shops, (did i mention that I am no good with technology)....... I am lucky that  she was so patient with me, as I could not get it right.  Though after alot of time on my side and patience on hers, I have set up my shops.  There is a link on my blog if you would like to stop by and have a wander around my shop.


  1. Ha Ha!!! Welcome back (what is it with you and capital i's!!!! xxx

    Now you need to work on adding photo's to your blog posts!!!

    Maybe I will hi-jack it for a sec!!

  2. Hey Mum,
    Your blog is looking so lovely.
    Really really nice, I love the slate with flowers. :) xxxxxxx

  3. Thank you Ash, glad you like it xx