Tuesday, 19 July 2011


I have been sorting out my photos on my laptop as it is a little poorly at the moment and needs to go to be checked over.  Although they  say that  they  will not lose any data, knowing my luck it will happen to me.  So I have been uploading photos onto to Flicka (not an easy thing as this involves technology), and as I have said before this is an area that is not my forte!!
Whilst going through all my photos I found the following selection.  The first photo is one that was taken about three years ago, and there is a story behind it........
The photo being held by my little sister Natalie is one that was taken when we were all a lot younger (the only one missing in the new photo is my nephew Jasper.  In the back row is my other sister Colette who has a blog called Poppycottage18, my niece Josie, who I have always called Wiggle ever since she was a little girl (she is shortly going to be going to London to study at the London Fashion and Retail Academy).  Next to her is my daughter Ashley who has a blog called Countryrose7, and is now mum to my beatiful Granddaughter Rose.  Next up is my Mum, she is always organising some event or another, or one of us children, as we have grown up there was always a standing joke that we would have to book in to have some time with her!!  In the front row is myself, and my baby sister, who currently has pink hair (definately cant lose her in a crowd).  The new photo was done as a comparison, and I think it is one that we should repeat in another few years................ then it will be a case of a few more grey hairs. 

This is a photo of my wonderful Dad, he has the most amazing way of telling stories or jokes, always managing to make you smile.

This photo was taken at the same time as the first, but this time it was more of a family affair, including Susie the dog.  The lovely man at the right of the photo is my Grandad, he has always been known as Dooks to all of us, I think the name sarted with me as a baby, as he would always tickle me under the chin saying 'dooky dooky', so he just became Dooks rather than grandad.  This has been his name forever, though we all have to try to remember to explain why when talking to other people about him, I remember one time he was in hospital and I phoned to ask how he was, and reffered to him as Dooks, much to the confusion of the nurses on the ward.

This surprised young man is Ray my son in law, though in this photo he either looks like his is tickling my Dad or holding him up!!

This is taken of Ashley and Ray on on a day out with my parents, I think on a steam train?

And of course the post wouldn't be complete without a picture of this special little girl, baby Granddaughter Rose (isn't she perfect?).

My Mum, who absolutely hates having her photo taken, so this is a rare one. And the next is of my Dad. 

I am so so grateful for my lovely family, they keep me grounded, support me when I am sad, pick me up when I fall, and always have the power to make me smile.


  1. And that is just how families should be xx

  2. This is a really lovely post Mum. :-) We do indeed have a brilliant family..
    I think the first photo was only taken about 2 years ago though..!? So much has happened in that time!


  3. What a lovely post about family loveliness-- I am with your Mum about hating my photo being taken! And we are soon to be Grandparents for the first time so very great excitement here a little way up the coast in Devon. My latest post has a Cornish element :)
    Kindest Regards Linda