Friday, 29 April 2011

Fantastic summer weather!!!!

The last few days have been so lovely, the temperature seems to be going up and up.  Have had a few days off from work so took the opportunity to take my crochet and a book to the beach.  I must admit you do get some strange looks from people whilst sat there in a bikini crocheting japanese flowers!!!

Each day I have woken up wondering if the weather is going to break, after all it is only April, but we seem to be continnuing with fanstastic weather. 

Although the weather has been so lovely the beaches where I live have been relatively quiet, which is strange as I would have thought that  if you were on holiday in Cornwall and the weather was lovely and you had young children, the best place would be the beach!! But I wasnt complaining, some quiet time.

Yesterday I took a wander down to the waters edge to cool down, and withput really realising I had walked into the sea up to my middle............ dilemma! do I walk back out and look silly or go for it and swim................ I chose the latter, so I can now honestly say that I have been swimming in the sea in APRIL..... and I really recommend it.

Oh well, all for now,
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