Friday, 29 April 2011


Well, today I am travelling back up to Dorset and then on to West Sussex for my granddaughters christening.  It doesnt seem five monutes ago that I was having my daughter christened.  Living down here in Cornwall whilst she lives in Chichester means that I dont get to see that  much of either my daughter or my granddaughter, which is heartbreaking but I am going to make the most of seeing them this weekend.  But then again I am lucky also that  they are coming down to stay with me the following week.  My daughter by the was is Ashley of http://countryrose7.blogspot.com/ , and I am so proud of her for giving me my first grandchild. 
Oh well, this was only a quick one, and I will write some more when I come back, with lots more pictures.
Thanks for stopping by xx

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