Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Christening

Well, all went well for the Christening.  Arrived in Dorset on Friday afternoon and then travelled up to the christening on the Saturday morning.  This was a little fraught as we left a little late, after me reminding the other half that  he had promised to take a welsh dresser up with us. As it had belonged to one of his customers and was now destined to reside with Ashley and Ray in their home in Chichester.  Therefore it was a rather fast journey up towards the M27, then when you are worrying about getting there on time, you spot stationary traffic in front of you....not what  you want to see!!.... this then entailed a detour via the New Forest, very lovely horses, cows and donkeys strolling along without a care in the world, and us going rather quickly following the weird directions coming from the Sat Nav.  Eventually we arrived at the church, parked the car, me dashing into the church and the other half getting changed in the church car park.

The christening was lovely, my Granddaughter Rose Olivia behaved brilliantly, not a cry or whimper, even with the cold water on her head.

After the christening we all went next door to have something to eat and drink that  Ashley and Ray had provided, which was lovely as the sun was shining and the weather was so lovely and warm.

I had been to a vintage fair the week before and had bought Ashley a silver bangle to give her on this special day, I was hoping that  she would like it, but she said that  she really liked it, so I breathed a sigh of relief.
Oh well, all for now, as my eyes are getting tired.
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  1. Why was Mum gripping on to Ray? was she frightened he'd run away??????