Sunday, 21 August 2011


Hi and good evening,

I thought I would pop in a post about four legged person that I spend alot of time with. 

Meet Cooper, she would like to think that she is a horse, but due to being only 14.2 she falls into the pony catagory.  She is not impressed with this, as she feels that inside she is a willowy model, but in reality she is like a naughty chubby teenager.

I have had her for about three years now and we have sort of grown with each other.  She was previously owned by a teenager who thought nothing of feeding her Cadbury creme eggs...... so conciquently when she came to me she went on a diet or three, she is definately the type of pony that just needs to look at grass and it goes straight on her hips!!

She is very inquisitive and nosey, always looking for a polo (sugar free of course).

This is how she spends most of her time, 'naked' apart from hair, as she doesnt like rugs, and has been known to lay on the floor and wriggle her way out of any that you put on her....... a bit like a equine version of Houdini.

The photo below shows the view from her field, and what  an amazing view, I cant stop pausing to look on the way down to the field every day, as the scenery is breath taking.

Copper and I have had some intersting scrapes over the last few months, firstly she decided it would be a good idea to put me face down on the wet sand of the beach, so she could take off and explore on her own. Then a couple of weeks ago we fell down a drain (she was not too impressed with being in the gutter!!), and we both ended up with cuts and bruises.

So that is a little about my naughty but funny pony.
Take care, and thanks for stopping by


  1. Hello my love. What a lovely post. Look forward to next weekend. Tie me to a chair and make me do NVQ stuff!!!! xx

    Copper looks lovely in her photos xx

  2. Hey Mum,
    Lovely to read about Cop. :-)
    Love the photo's.

    (P.S- What is Lettie thinking..?! We both know you'll just end of getting distracted and knitting or crocheting!!)