Monday, 6 June 2011

My Etsy shop

Well, good morning,
I have been working hard at getting my Etsy shop off the ground.  It is so scary when you start to do something and hope that people will like what  you do.  I had got my shop up and running but wasn't sure if I had done everything right, and had some lovely advice from a lady that has a shop on the site and who lives in Porthcurno in Cornwall, her name is Joanne Poore and she has a shop on Etsy too, pop over and have a look as her paintings are amazing hppt//www.etsy.com/shop/joannepoore.

She said that there is a person on Etsy who will look at your shop and tell what is right and wrong and how you can put it right.  So I thought that I would do this, to make sure that I had covered all the angles, I was so surprised when they said that I had a lovely shop, and such a relief and that there were only a few little tweeks to make.

I have now started to make some sales, which is fantastic, and gives you such a boost. I have started to have a stall at a local craft fayre, which is lovely as you get to meet some other like minded people.
Here are a couple of my latest 'makes'
I had made a lot of things that  needed to be photographed, so I put them all in a big box and decamped to my favourite beach at Portloe on a low tide to take all my photos. There is a hotel on the beach with a terrace  and as the sun was shining people were sat out on the terrace...... lots of them came to see what I was doing 'I must have looked strange, arranging things all over rocks', but at least it was a little free advertising, as I merrily handed out my shop cards to everyone that came to speak to me.

I also have great news that two shops in one of the local seaside towns are selling some of my items, and when I popped into the shops I couldn't resist looking for my items, wow, they look so professional.
Thank you so much for stopping by xx


  1. Brilliant. See, good thing come to them that wait!! Love you very much Big Sis and good luck at the dentist xx

  2. That's great news that you've begun to have some sales Mum.. I knew it wouldn't take long for you to get going..! I hope your mouth doesn't give you too much grief.. xxxxxxx